Asus TF101

2013-10-07 I was poking around my main router and learned about /proc/net/ip_contrack, which shows the active connections going through the router. I was curious so I went through each connection to see what they were. I notieced connections from android devices on the network all had a similar connection to a pool (probably how google pushes info to the device). Then I noticed another connection from my TF101. port 9000. No reverse lookup. A google search could only tell me it was located in Taiwan and owned by Asustek. According to the counters not much data flows through this link, but it seems odd that they need to keep a connection open all the time. I wonder if they are just keeping track of active devices in the wild or of that's how my device checks for updates. Maybe I'll take a tcpdump of the traffic one of these days and find out whats being transferred.