Terminals fonts

Last updated: 2015-04-06

This page shows some fonts in a terminal with some short pros/cons and, where applicable, a link to obtain them. All shots shown using RGB subpixel hinting. I may retake these later in greyscale to improve general views.

"fixed" font. This is the default font used by e.g. XTerm. Simple and small. Bitmap font (I think) that comes with any standard X11 installation. Not great for programming due to similar glyphs, but always crisp.

Inconsolata TTF, shown with pixelsize=12. My current goto for slightly larger text. Easy on the eyes, reasonably distinguished 0O and Il|1 set. (view at pixelsize=20)

Anonymous Pro (Open Font License) TTF, shown with pixelsize=14 (urxvt didn't like pixelsize=12). (view at pixelsize=20)

Envy Code R (Free to use, not to distribute) (view at pixelsize=20)

Source Code Pro (information source Download) Open Font License (view at pixelsize=20)

Pragmata Pro (FSL license, not free) (view at pixelsize=20)