John's Projects and Thoughts

This server is used for hosting some projects I've done or worked on. The project list follows.

Mailnex email client
an IMAP email client I'm writing
Microcontroller stuff
Fun with microcontrollers
Vim stuff
Vim plugins. Possibly patches.
Tmux stuff
Tmux information and support files (such as terminfo).
Bzr stuff
BZR plugins. Possibly other stuff.
Information about terminals, some font samples, color schemes, etc.
extern saxm2s
an xmms2 client written in python (Simply Access Xmms2)

Also, hosting some miscellaneous information

Complaints and rants. Possibly useful info.

Note (2013-06-21)

DNS is back up.

Note (2010-09-21)

DNS is back up.

Note (2009-10-10)

new server is up.

Note (2008-07-15)

This is a "temporary" replacement of the temporary replacement server, which lost its ethernet capabilities a couple weeks ago. Again, sorry for the inconveniences

Note (2007-12-06)

This is a temporary server holding this stuff. The main server's hard drive died 2007-12-04, and this is from the recovered drive. Sorry for any inconvenience and the lack of these files for the past day and a half.